We are poised to continue making a difference. And you can help.

For more than 130 years, Cincinnati Children’s has been a trusted resource for sick and injured children. Each day families from across Greater Cincinnati, the nation and the world come here seeking care for loved ones.

They do so because they believe Cincinnati Children’s will make a difference—that we will bring hope and healing when it’s needed most.

Cincinnati Children’s has a strong track record of success and the knowledge and the will to do more.

Because much is at stake. Hundreds of babies in our 15-county metropolitan region still die in their first year of life. Many more lag behind in important health measures. And children around the world are still suffering from preventable or manageable diseases.

Cincinnati Children’s has the people, the passion and the intellectual horsepower to Change the Outcome. And with your help, we will continue to invest in the people and programs that make a difference for children—here in our community and beyond.

And you can help. To achieve our vision for child health, we must rely on partnerships and philanthropy.

Together, we can provide new hope. Together, we can save lives and restore health—for the children of Cincinnati and the world.

Together, we can Change the Outcome…one child, one family at a time.

The Change the Outcome campaign seeks to align our resources with our lofty aspirations, with an eye on what’s needed today and tomorrow. With a goal of $250 million to be raised by 2018, the campaign will further two major commitments:

1. Helping the Children of Cincinnati Become the Healthiest in the Nation

We will continue to provide the best healthcare anywhere to children in Greater Cincinnati. At the same time, we will partner with schools, parents, community agencies and others to expand wellness and prevention programs to improve health and support the holistic development of all children, especially those at-risk.

2. Accelerating Discovery to Improve Child Health

Research drives healthcare innovation and the hope and cures of tomorrow. And time matters when a child’s life hangs in the balance. We will invest in genomics research to quicken the pace of discovery, translating new knowledge from the lab to the patient bedside. We will expand our national networks and international collaborations—extending our geographic reach to benefit even more children. And we will continue to recruit the world’s best talent to drive innovation and advance key clinical programs.

Campaign progress towards $250 million:


  • GOAL

As of 12/31/16

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